Webinar: Blackouts, Batteries and Brexit: A Review of the Energy Landscape in 2019

This webinar will be brought to you live from 11:00 AM on December 10th.

This webinar session explores the energy trends, topics and events that shaped the year 2019. We look at the blackouts, batteries and Brexit, as well as key market shifts and policy changes. In addition to the implications these had on 2019, we’ll discuss how these affect future energy markets as we move forward into 2020.

We’ll also revisit some of the key predictions made at the beginning of the year, and analyse how reality matched up in the UK, Ireland, and across the globe.


  • Mark Davis, Director UK&I, GridBeyond
  • Eamonn Bell, Head of Market Strategy, GridBeyond

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Speaker Bios:

Mark Davis, Director UK&I, GridBeyond
Mark entered the energy industry back in 2000 when he began in the advanced industrial market for NPower, specialising in complex market mechanisms. Following that ten year stint, he moved into Smart Grid technology, before he moved into a role at Total that encompassed managing I&C cross-border operations. Mark has seen the impact of the changing energy landscape on I&C businesses more than most, and is an expert in taking granular topics and contextualising within a global market.

Eamonn Bell, Head of Market Strategy, GridBeyond
Eamonn’s experience in energy markets, policies and regulations spans ten years. Eamonn holds Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Bristol and in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. Having worked for a decade on the innovative side of the electricity industry – for aggregators and the wind industry’s trade body RenewableUK – Eamonn is arguably one of the best placed individuals to explain the intricacies of the energy markets and to simplify and clarify this complex part of the energy industry.

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