Stadler signs deal to deliver ‘first hydrogen-powered passenger train to US’

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority awarded the tender for the environmentally-friendly locomotive

Rolling stock manufacturer Stadler has signed a contract to deliver a hydrogen-powered train to run in the US.

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) awarded the tender with an option to order four more of the FLIRT H2 vehicles in the future.

When the train enters passenger service in 2024, it is expected to be the first passenger train in the country to be powered by hydrogen gas – it will form part of a 14.5-kilometre connection between Redlands and San Bernardino’s Metrolink station.

The train will consist of two passenger cars, with fuel cells and hydrogen tanks stored in between.

The full vehicle will offer seating space for 108 passengers and is estimated to be able to reach a top speed of 130 kilometres per hour.

SBCTA President Darcy McNaboe said: “Implementing innovative solutions like this first-of-its-kind passenger train is an excellent example of how we are demonstrating our commitment to the next generation in San Bernardino County.

“The hydrogen FLIRT will help us address the commuting needs of today while preserving our environment for a better tomorrow.”

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