Mike Hughes: Big business and green movement are totally compatible

The Zone President for Schneider Electric UK & Ireland said the UK’s 2050 net zero goal is a ‘hugely ambitious step’ and gives businesses a focus on where to invest

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There is no conflict between big business and the green movement towards the fight against climate change and the two are “totally compatible”.

That’s according to Mike Hughes, Zone President, Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, who believes while there may be differences on how organisations play their part in the move towards the net zero target and the speed at which it happens, the two are “totally aligned”.

Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live Expo event last week, which attracted more than 450 people from across the industry, he said: “Big business goes where there is opportunity. Big business is a force for good. It has to be involved in this transition, in this change, in this climate change.

“If you look at it, there are two things that have happened in the last five to seven years that have really accelerated this topic. One is the general public getting on board with the whole concept of climate change, the emergency. The second is actually the business community and particularly the financial community starting to look at the financial risks around climate change and moving its money and where it will invest.”

Mr Hughes added the UK’s target for net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is a “hugely ambitious step” and it shows leadership, direction and ambition, enabling businesses to focus on where they can invest.

He is also “extremely optimistic” and from a technology point of view, he believes there are technologies available to support the transition.

He said: “It’s now around awareness, incentives from government, the right regulations to get people to make the right step and boosting the use of these technologies. I’m extremely positive.”

Watch the full interview to find out more.

Steve Holliday, President of the Energy Institute, who also spoke at the event, believes the oil and gas sector has to play a major role as part of the energy sector’s contribution in tackling climate change and no technology should be ignored to achieve the net zero goal.

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