Meat giant Maple Leaf Foods takes a bite out of emissions by going ‘carbon-neutral’

Meat production and consumption are widely considered to be major drivers of climate change

Meat producer Maple Leaf Foods has claimed it has become the first major food company in the world to become carbon-neutral.

The Canadian business says it has achieved the carbon-neutral status by “aggressively reducing” greenhouse gas emissions and investing in projects to neutralise or offset greenhouse gases when they are unavoidable.

It says it is one of just three meat companies around the world to set Science Based Targets aligned with the Paris Agreement Importantly and has set our further goals to reduce its emissions as it continues to grow.

The firm says it is investing in landfill gas, biomass, renewable energy, composting and forestry projects to reduce its environmental footprint.

The company announced: “We are on a mission to be the most sustainable protein company on earth.

“We recognise that creating nutrient-dense protein like ours takes resources and today, we are proud to replenish the environment in equal measure.”

A recent UN report notes meat production and consumption are major drivers of climate change.

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