UKPN leads local energy market flexibility trial in Brixton

It has partnered with EDF Energy and Repowering London to allow domestic solar panels to provide flexibility services to the distribution network

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has partnered with EDF Energy and Repowering London to trial flexibility services from an established local energy market at Elmore House in Brixton.

The block already has a peer-to-peer energy market enabling residents to access power generated from rooftop solar systems, store it in batteries and trade with one another – the new trial means this electricity can now also be used to provide flexible power services to respond to supply and demand fluctuations in the local area.

UKPN says the project has the potential to enable more people to use renewable energy at a lower cost and create new sources of income for individuals and communities.

Dr Maria Brucoli, Smart Energy Systems Manager at EDF Energy R&D, said: “Working with UK Power Networks on this new project is the first step to understanding how domestic, local energy markets like this can interact with the grid and flex to match market demands.

“Urban Energy Club is a first for the residential market, but will hopefully inspire many more and support our journey to net zero by 2050.”

UKPN has unveiled plans to create what it claims will be the most advanced electricity network control system in the world, allowing renewables to connect to the network “cheaper and faster”.

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