Welsh Rugby Union scores deal to tackle high energy costs

The deal will secure energy costs at more than 200 properties, including the Principality Stadium, for the next four years

The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has scored a deal to tackle high energy costs.

It has partnered with Cardiff-based energy management consultancy amber energy, which will help to protect against increasing energy costs at more than 200 properties over the next four years, including the 74,500-capacity Principality Stadium.

The deal also aims to guard against future political uncertainty as Brexit approaches.

Broker amber energy says the 200 of the WRU’s clubs are now able to buy their energy collectively, benefiting from better prices than if they had individual deals with suppliers.

The entire commercial energy market was invited to tender for the contract, which has seen Total Gas & Power appointed as the WRU’s energy supplier.

Craig Maxwell, Head of Group Sales and Marketing at the WRU, said: “We’re delighted to welcome amber energy on-board as an official supplier to Welsh Rugby. amber energy provides us with the independent expertise to ensure we procure energy for the Principality Stadium and the WRU at the most efficient rate.

“We look forward to developing a strong partnership and working together to offer an energy product to Welsh Clubs in order to support their sustainability.”

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