Energy Live Expo 2019: Podcast with Multiplex Europe’s Pavan Juttla

She will be speaking at the event on 5th November at the QEII Centre in London

What is the energy sector doing about climate change? And what are the positive steps being taken by businesses?

All that and many more will be discussed at Energy Live Expo on 5th November at the QEII Centre in London, around the theme of ‘Climate Change – Doing our Bit’.

With less than eight weeks to go, ELN spoke to one of the speakers at Expo, Pavan Juttla, Sustainability Manager at Multiplex Europe – she has been instrumental in enabling the business to start their journey towards net zero carbon. She has done this through her work in setting a science-based target for the firm and supporting other large businesses to follow suit.

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Pavan has experience in onsite construction environmental management and has integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals across the company – she told ELN all about how this has been achieved so listen to the podcast to find out more.

It is the second in a series of podcasts we will be publishing leading up to the event, finding out about the role businesses are playing in helping tackle climate change.

For more details about Energy Live Expo, click here. Tickets are free for energy-end users so don’t forget to register.

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