Guest Blog: Haydn Young – UK Retailers choose innovation finalists

The Retail Energy Forum is pleased to announce this year’s finalists for The Wright Commission award.

The Retail Energy Forum is pleased to announce this year’s finalists for The Wright Commission award. 20 UK retailers that form REF are keen to support innovation in the energy management by offering a year’s mentoring from a major UK retailer to bring the innovation, product or idea to market.

After much deliberation, the finalists are:

  1. WellAir: An air quality improvement system with monitoring via a web portal allowing indoor and outdoor air quality to be visualised. The portal allows the building owner to view the air quality across the entire building and fine tune the ventilation system to achieve optimum conditions.
  2. Tadpole: A device which, when fitted to existing heating systems, removes the air and oxygen to an inert level from the heating water to improve efficiency. Tadpole eliminates corrosion and the formation of magnetite. Magnetite causes corrosion and shortens the life of radiators, pumps, boilers, valves and make the system work inefficiently.
  3. EMMA AI: An artificial intelligence powered energy management platform. The technology sends simple-to-implement instructions straight to those tasked to manage the efficiency of the buildings in their estate means that one Energy Manager can oversee multiple locations.

Retail Energy Forum Chairman, Haydn Young, said: “These fantastic finalists demonstrate the variety of innovations in the energy management space as well as the new opportunities available to save energy and carbon. I look forward to seeing them present at Energy Live Expo”.

Come and watch the LIVE finals

The three finalists are now invited to present their ideas in front of a live audience and judging panel of UK retailers at Energy Live Expo, taking place on 5th November at the QEII Centre in Westminster.

Haydn Young is an independent energy management expert and founder of  The Energy Club.

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