Majority of young Brits ‘would consider electric car if price is right’

Some of the concerns cited were the range of EVs, finding somewhere to charge and the time it would take to recharge

More than half (57%) of Brits would consider buying and electric vehicle (EV) if it was available “at the right price” for them, with the proportion increasing to 73% for people aged between 18 and 24.

That’s according to a recent survey, which found the majority of the 2,019 people questioned cited environmental reasons (84%), followed by saving money on fuel (69%) and anticipating future trends (54%) as their reasons for purchasing an EV.

However, around 81% said they would be concerned about the battery charge and range of the vehicles.

Other concerns were finding somewhere to charge the vehicle (74%), the time it would take to recharge (66%) and the price of purchasing the vehicle (64%), adds the YouGov survey, commissioned by Aviva.

Geographically, Londoners (62%) were said to be the least concerned about finding somewhere to charge their EV compared to 83% in Scotland.

In terms of the age difference, younger people (33%) were much more likely to think driverless cars “will make life easier”, for example, having extra time to do other things, compared to only 9% of those aged above 55.

The survey also found 36% of men are likely to travel in a driverless car compared to only 17% of women.

Around 26% of women said they would not travel in a driverless vehicle because they don’t understand how driverless cars work compared to only 13% of men.

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