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Adam Woodhall

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson

Adam is passionate about turning his 13 years of experience in sustainable behaviour change into something that really makes a difference by working with Extinction Rebellion.

He has been deeply involved since the Declaration of Rebellion in late 2018, having numerous roles which have supported its phenomenal growth, giving him a fascinating insight into this ground-breaking and critical movement.

In addition to his full-time commitment to XR, Adam manages to find time to work with high growth sustainable solutions as a strategic storyteller.

Over the last 13 years he’s worked with some of the world’s largest organisations on their sustainability, and 3 years ago he decided to focus 100% on game changers: sustainable, low carbon, circular economy start-ups and scale-ups, helping them tell their story and turn potential into exponential reality.. and there isn’t a bigger game changer than Extinction Rebellion!

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