SSE to cut energy prices in line with Ofgem’s cap

However, some very low energy usage customers may see an increase on their bills

Big Six supplier SSE has announced it will reduce energy prices from October in line with the price cap reduction announced by Ofgem.

Earlier this month, Ofgem lowered the default energy price cap from £1,254 to £1,179 a year from 1st October for this winter period until March.

The cap for prepayment meter customers was also reduced from £1,242 to £1,217 per year for the same six-month period.

SSE’s customers on the standard variable tariff will see their bills reduce to £1,178.58 on average while PPM customers’ bills will fall to £1,216.90 annually.

The energy supplier said: “While the vast majority of customers will see a reduction in their tariff, some very low energy usage customers may see an increase due to changes in the level of the price cap’s standing charge rates.

“All customers who are negatively impacted by the change will receive a letter/email to explain how the Ofgem cap works and why we’re changing our prices.”

Three green energy suppliers have been given permanent exemptions from the price cap for their standard variable tariffs by the regulator.

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