Asda proves it’s got the bottle to build plastic-based car park

The trial project at its store in Wakefield aims to explore how the carbon footprint of laying asphalt can be reduced while saving rubbish from landfill

Asda has used unrecyclable plastic waste equivalent to 90,000 water bottles to resurface the car park of its store in Wakefield.

The rubbish, which would otherwise have gone to landfill or been incinerated, was ground into tiny pieces and mixed together with petroleum-based bitumen, which sets to form the asphalt.

The work was carried out by plastic road company MacRebur, which says the process reduces the amount of ‘virgin’ petroleum used, lowering the carbon footprint.

Daniel Hargreaves, Construction Manager at Asda said: “This is a really innovative way to use plastic which cannot otherwise be recycled and it demonstrates our commitment to looking for sustainable alternatives all across the business.

“We’re hoping with the success of this roll out in our Wakefield store, we will be able to look at using this exciting and more environmentally-friendly approach to car parks across the Asda estate.”

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