Clear Business Water takes on Aquaflow Utilities’ customers

The latter business water supplier has entered into liquidation

Ofwat has chosen Clear Business Water Limited to take on the customers of Aquaflow Utilities.

The news comes after the regulator previously said the latter business water supplier was “likely” to enter into liquidation today.

Ofwat has worked with market operator, MOSL, to switch the affected customers, who should receive information from the newly appointed company.

Customers are not tied in to their new retailer and can still shop around for the best deal on the market, however, they are being advised to do so only after Clear Business Water has got in touch with them.

The regulator said: “The liquidator will gather all of Aquaflow’s assets and will share out what is left after deducting the costs of the of the liquidation between all the people who are owed money (including customers and suppliers) in proportion to what they are owed. It could be sometime before you know how much, if anything, you are likely to receive and when you may receive it.”

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