SC Johnson freshens up energy use with geothermal heat and cooling

The manufacturer of household cleaning supplies expects the move to save around 62% of its energy usage

SC Johnson has announced it will use geothermal energy to power its headquarters in Racine, US.

The manufacturer of household cleaning supplies says installing a GeoExchange system will use the constant temperature of the Earth to provide sustainable heating and cooling and expects the move to greatly reduce its environmental footprint.

The project, which is pending city and state approvals, is expected to reduce energy usage by an estimated 42% and will involve transforming the current boiler facility to a new energy efficient thermal plant.

Combined with other low carbon and energy efficient projects, such as deploying solar panels across the roof of the building, the facility is expected to save another 20% in energy usage, resulting in a total facility-wide reduction of up to 62% of the current energy load.

Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson, said: “As a global company, you think about your footprint in all the places you operate and how to minimise your impact.

“Transitioning to geothermal energy at our headquarters goes a long way toward accomplishing those goals.”

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