Local authorities granted £3m for cleaner air

The money from the government’s Air Quality Grant will be shared by 23 councils

Local authorities across England have been granted a share of more than £3 million to improve air quality in their areas.

The projects include campaigns promoting greater awareness of air pollution from domestic burning to encouraging people to make more environmentally friendly choices as well as promoting electric charging points for canal boats and a collaboration with local businesses to develop low or zero emission freight.

Funding has also been awarded to trial new technology to test the effectiveness of low cost sensors for better understanding of the air quality data they produce and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) indoor study in schools to test sensor performance and efficiency of filter systems.

The money has been granted to 23 councils from the government’s Air Quality Grant, through which more than £57 million have been invested in clean air projects so far.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said: “It is very important that we continue to improve the quality of our air and the government is working hard to deliver the emissions reductions the UK needs.

“Local schemes are an essential part of this process. The £57 million we’ve awarded under the Air Quality Grant will go to make communities greener and more vibrant places to live.”

The government also recently provided £25 million for local authorities to roll out greener buses to tackle air pollution.

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