New industry consultation seeks views to boost EV transition

It is open until 18th April 2019

A new industry consultation aimed at accelerating the transition to low carbon transport for businesses and consumers has been launched.

Market innovator Gemserv is seeking views from businesses, public sector bodies and organisations across the electric vehicle (EV) market on the development of an industry-wide EV Governance Framework (EVGF), targeted at boosting consumer confidence, addressing market failures and providing a forum to engage market actors.

The EVFG is expected to be a single point of reference for addressing interdependencies and compliance in the market, comprising of three components: digital marketplace, digital compliance tool and industry-led forum.

The consultation – supported by Energy UK, E.ON, innogy, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks and WWF – is seeking views on standardisation, interoperability and best practice to enable the market to deliver benefits to consumers and other participants.

The EVGF would consist of common rules and standards for smart charging and data sharing to help the market operate more efficiently while championing innovation.

An analysis by Gemserv found despite the tax reliefs for EVs and grants for charging points, the number of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) has grown slowly, with ULEVs representing only 2.2% of all new vehicle registrations in 2018.

Trevor Hutchings, Director of Strategy and Communications at Gemserv said: “The uptake of EVs needs to accelerate significantly for the UK to meet air quality and climate change targets. The challenges facing those in the market are complex and significant and require sustained action in order to achieve a swift and viable transition to EVs.

“Rather than relying on government intervention, this is an opportunity for industry to step up and grip the issues holding back the EV market and to reap the economic benefits from a world leading transition to low carbon transport. We are calling on all organisations across the EV market to respond to our ideas and determine the best approach.”

The consultation is open until 18th April 2019.

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