National Infrastructure Commission seeks views on improving utility regulation

The deadline for responses is 12th April 2019

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has launched a call for evidence to help improve regulation in the energy and water industries.

It is seeking views on what future changes may be required to ensure the regulation of the sectors supports investment as well as innovation while keeping costs down for consumers.

The NIC wants to find out how the current regulatory system is working and how it could be improved to deliver “both good quality services and world class infrastructure”.

The study will examine whether the current model encourages sufficient competition and innovation, whether there is consistency between the sectors and the relationship between regulators and the government.

The call for evidence forms part of the study, which was announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond last year.

NIC Chairman Sir John Armitt said: “From turning on a TV to turning on a tap, all of us rely on our energy, telecoms and water industries for basic everyday activities.

“Regulators are therefore a vital part of ensuring we are treated fairly by these essential service providers and that vulnerable customers get the support they need. But their work should also encourage investment and innovation which will benefit households and businesses alike for the long term.

“Whether it’s companies or regulators, consumers or investors, we want to hear how to current system of regulation is working and what a future framework may look like to deliver both good quality services and world class infrastructure.”

The deadline for responses is 12th April 2019.

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