Four million Brits turn off power in winter to avoid pricey bills

Auto-switching service Labrador says 41% of Brits would pay more for an energy efficient property

Cold house

Four million people turn their heating off during winter to save money on ‘expensive’ energy bills.

That’s the verdict from auto-switching service Labrador, which says 10% of citizens, numbering nearly three million people, have lived in damp, cold and mouldy properties as a result.

A new survey conducted by the group shows 41% of Brits would be willing to pay more for an energy efficient property, while 22% would not even know if they were overpaying for their energy usage.

The business suggests many renters are unaware of their rights and powers, meaning they end up paying more as a result.

It shows 6% of renters and homeowners have been charged an exit fee when switching utility providers, despite being exempt from paying the charge and 42% of Brits have not provided their supplier with accurate details and a meter reading since moving in.

It says this contributes to the issue of people overpaying an average £65.90 on their utility bills due to taking on bills from previous tenants.

Jane Lucy, the Founder of Labrador, said: “Renters need to be aware, both of the power that they possess over their household bills and the services available that can provide hassle-free solutions especially within such a fast paced market.”

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