UK firm wins tender to keep the sun shining on Oman’s rooftop solar

PassivSystems’ management platform aims to make sure the panels are as well suited to the desert environment as possible

Flag of Oman

A UK firm has won a competitive tender to manage 250,000 residential solar energy installations in Oman.

PassivSystems will provide its platform to the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER), which will use the technology to commission, operate, monitor and maintain the rooftop infrastructure.

The contract will see the company tweak its platform to suit conditions typically found in Oman, such as extra sensors to analyse the impact of extreme heat on the devices.

The sensors will also detect if too much sand builds up on the panels, which can significantly degrade performance – the platform will then communicate with maintenance teams to carry out targeted cleaning of panels.

The deal aims to facilitate the deployment of affordable low carbon energy across the region to help supply match peak demand caused by spikes in air conditioning usage.

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems, said: “We have collected over a terabyte of data from tens of thousands of rooftops in the UK and proven the scalability of our platform beyond doubt.

“Localising the platform to maximise yield, streamline support and reduce operational costs for the specific environmental conditions in Oman demonstrates the versatility of our technology.”

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