Green or black plastics – or olives?

An Istanbul-based team of entrepreneurs are turning olive seeds into sustainable bioplastics

Olive tree

An Istanbul-based team of entrepreneurs have developed a method to turn olive seeds into sustainable bioplastics.

Biolive claims to have created a new product which could help take the place of environmentally-intensive plastics.

The firm uses the cellulosic agent in olives to create green alternatives for use in electronics and food product packaging – taking advantage of waste products from olive oil factories, the firm can create 3.5 tonnes of green plastic from around five tonnes of olive seeds.

It says each kilogramme created can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as six kilogrammes.

CFO Ms Duygu Yılmaz said: “The plastic granules we produce can be used in industry, in packaging, in toys.

“We will establish a production plant and sell to industry regarding to industry demands.”

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