Renewable energy firm aims to become ‘Uber of electricity’

Virgin Startup-backed Resilience Energy will help customers generate, manage and sell their own power

A Virgin Startup-backed renewable energy firm aims to provide energy self-sufficiency to homeowners and cut their electricity bills by up to 80%.

Resilience Energy is providing a package including the hardware, software and contracts customers need to produce, store and sell renewable energy.

It says customers will be able to sell excess electricity on the spot market and offer extra battery capacity to National Grid.

Resilience Energy says this will support the influx of electric vehicles (EVs) and suggests their service will allow emerging technologies such as heat pumps, EV chargers and electric panel heaters to be integrated with its service in the future.

Resilience Energy has received a loan from Virgin Startup and is working with KiWi Power to manage their larger contracts and give it access to the balancing market.

The Resilience system will cost between £7,750 and £13,500, have an eight-year payback and is expected to return in the region of £6,000 over the system’s lifetime.

Founder and CEO Loic Hares said: “Resilience aims to be the largest decentralised renewable energy generator – the Uber of the electricity industry – and cut the electricity bills of homeowners by up to 80%.

“Energy consumers will then be able to turn their homes personal power stations and stop relying on the same old tariffs offered by the Big Six.”

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