Logistics firm puts two million doomed meals back on the table

Fowler Welch and FareShare have slashed food waste since partnering in 2016

Meal on a plate

A logistics firm and a food redistribution charity have saved more than two million meals from being binned since 2016.

Fowler Welch and FareShare originally teamed up in August 2016 to reduce food waste across the supply chain.

The haulage firm helps customers redistribute their surplus food to charity by allowing them to add surplus food onto their usual collection.

FareShare redistributes this food to organisations such as domestic violence refuges, school breakfast clubs and homeless shelters, helping to feed an estimated 17,000 people every week.

Fowler Welch expanded the partnership by introducing 37 suppliers to FareShare’s network.

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare CEO, said: “Working with Fowler Welch has been absolutely game-changing for FareShare.

“Not only have they helped us get more food out to people who need it, they’ve brought their customers on board too, helping us get a greater range of surplus food into our network.”

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