Offshore wind support catamarans get smart upgrade

Support vessel operator Seacat Services says more advance turbines and transmission links require more advanced maintenance fleets

Offshore energy support vessel (OESV) operator Seacat Services has installed an advanced remote monitoring system across its fleet of 14 catamarans.

The BareFLEET system, developed by Reygar, is expected to offer improved insight into the operational performance of its vessels, enabling progressive safety and technical gains.

The firms say digitalisation of operational practices and collecting more data is becoming increasingly useful in keeping tabs on the performance of infrastructure, optimising construction procedures, extending asset lifetimes and bring down the levelised cost of energy (LCOE).

They suggest as turbines and transmission links become more advanced, so must the service vessels that maintain them.

Seacat Services will be able to view a live feed of vessel data from its Fleet Operations Centre in Cowes, allowing it to conduct trend analysis, monitor conditions and plan preventative maintenance.

Ian Baylis, Managing Director of Seacat Services, said: “We’ve seen the wide-ranging benefits that digitalisation of operations has had for turbine owners and operators and it’s time for the vessel market to follow suit by showing a commitment to matching these higher operational standards.”

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