House of Lords: How is government preparing for energy Brexit?

A House of Lords Committee has written to Claire Perry MP regarding Brexit impacts on the energy and climate sectors

EU and UK flags in front of Parliament during Brexit

A House of Lords Committee has written to the Energy Minister to ask how a no-deal Brexit could affect the UK’s power and environmental sectors.

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee has written to Claire Perry MP, suggesting there are still questions left to be answered regarding the steps the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is taking to prepare for such an eventuality.

It stated the Minister’s previous evidence on this subject was incomplete and noted certain details in the 2018 Budget warranted more in-depth scrutiny.

The Committee has demanded to know what assessment has been made into the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on consumers’ energy costs, how the value for the proposed Carbon Emissions Tax was selected and what discussions have taken place with the devolved administrations regarding this tax.

It has also asked the Minister to detail progress made towards securing an agreement that the Integrated Single Electricity Market will be maintained on the island of Ireland.

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