Red Funnel goes green with new environmental strategy

The ferry operator aims to slash the carbon footprint generated on its journeys to and from the Isle of Wight

A ferry operator has launched a new environmental strategy to improve air quality, increase recycling rates, reduce waste and encourage sustainable travel.

Red Funnel, which carries passengers, vehicles and freight between the English mainland and the Isle of Wight, says it will use the MV Red Falcon to test a number of improvements and raise public awareness of the scheme – it has rebranded the ship with a green funnel and logo.

The firm will offer a 25% discount for pure electric vehicles, use Green-D Bio-Fuel in its engines to slash sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and soot emissions and launch an anti-idling campaign to encourage customers to turn off their vehicles when queuing.

Red Funnel has already replaced plastic straws, cutlery and plates with eco-friendly alternatives and says a reusable hot drinks mug made from recycled material will go on sale shortly.

Fran Collins, Red Funnel’s CEO, said: “In summary, it marks the next step in a journey with our customers, suppliers and partners to safeguard the natural environment and reduce our ecological footprint.”

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