The North Face to offset the carbon footprint of its athletes’ expeditions

The clothing brand will support reforestation efforts to balance out its impact on the environment

The North Face has committed to offsetting emissions from its athletes’ adventurous journeys around the world.

The outdoor clothing brand frequently sends explorers to remote locations such as the Arctic, the Himalayas and Antarctica to test and showcase their equipment.

However, travelling by car, plane and train to these locales creates a significant carbon footprint – it will now offset any emissions produced through a partnership with The Conservation Fund, by paying to help protect and restore America’s forests by supporting reforestation efforts.

James Rogers, Director of Sustainability at The North Face, said: “We’ve committed to addressing climate change from all angles – through our products, energy use, operations, packaging and shipping – and we’re proud that offsetting the emissions from our expeditions is now part of our strategy.”

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