French utility ENGIE invests in home biogas company

Israeli firm HomeBiogas’ technology converts organic waste into cooking gas

ENGIE has invested in an Israeli company that manufactures systems that convert organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertiliser.

The investment is expected to help boost the development of HomeBiogas’ technologies in both Europe and emerging countries.

The company has developed a household biodigester that harnesses and stores the methane that is naturally emitted when food rots. Instead of methane dissipating into the atmosphere from the food waste rotting in landfill, HomeBiogas upcycles the gas, supplying it directly to a stove top.

It digests everything from cooking oil, waste meat, bones to dairy products and produces cooking gas, enough for up to three hours of cooking a day.

Oshik Efrati, Co-Founder and CEO of HomeBiogas said: “First of all, it is exceptionally easy to install. Everything is delivered in one box and it takes an hour to assemble the unit. It is made of highly innovative materials which are of course gas-tight by also long-lasting, sun-resistant to 50°C and recyclable.

“Waste and gas, two things often considered as unpleasant and environmentally delicate, become elements in an innovative system.”

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