Molson Coors brews up science-based targets

The international brewer has developed a 2025 goal to halve its operational carbon emissions

Molson Coors has committed to setting climate goals with the Science-Based Targets initiative.

The firm says joining the climate goals scheme will help it reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will meaningfully work towards limiting global temperature rises below 2°C.

The international brewer has developed a 2025 goal to halve carbon emissions within its own operations and by a fifth across its value chain.

The brewer is also aiming to achieve a target of a 2.8 water-to-beer ratio by 2025, expected to result in savings of 2.1 billion gallons of water, equivalent to the total daily usage of nearly 24 million people in the US.

It also aims to reduce annual energy usage by more than 630GWh.

Mark Hunter, President and CEO of Molson Coors, said: “Molson Coors is a company of dedicated people who strive to leave a positive imprint on our environment.

“We are proud to join an elite group of nearly 430 companies in the world to commit to science-based targets. We hope that our action will inspire other companies to make the same bold commitment.”

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