Low carbon courier firm pedals away from pollution

Zedify uses both electric bikes and trikes to deliver packages across the UK

Cambridge-based courier firm Outspoken Deliveries has teamed up with Recharge Cargo from Brighton to launch a low carbon delivery company able to operate across the UK.

They have created Zedify, which uses a network of electric bike and trike couriers to take items the ‘last mile’ from city-centre depots to homes and businesses.

Those behind the firm say the last leg of a delivery is often responsible for a significant proportion of the air pollution created, as diesel vans drive back and forth across town in heavy traffic.

Many of these diesel trucks and lorries produce harmful particulate matter and fumes, which can worsen respiratory conditions and cause premature deaths.

Improvements in electric bike technology mean that the company’s couriers can now transport up to 250 kilogrammes of parcels, even around hilly areas.

Co-Founder of Zedify, Rob King, said: “Demand for deliveries to door and desk is booming but our cities just can’t cope with ever-increasing numbers of diesel vans contributing to the toxic mix of poor air quality and increased congestion.”

“Businesses, especially retailers, need to step up and decouple the last mile of their deliveries to more sustainable services – which Zedify now enables them to do.”

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