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Sainsbury’s and Bosch get behind community fridges

Sainsbury’s and Bosch are among companies supporting a new network of community fridges across the UK.

Environmental charity Hubbub aims to set up 50 sites across the UK within the next year to redistribute unwanted perishable food to low-income households in the local area and cut down on waste.

The average British family wastes £470 a year by throwing away food and drink which could have been eaten, with a further £3 billion being wasted by various food sectors.

Each installation will include three appliances – a fridge and an industrial freezer, to be filled with leftover produce from local retailers intended to be taken by poor people in the community.

There will also be another ‘honesty’ fridge open to anyone, regardless of their personal or financial circumstances.

A user of the community fridge in Camberwell said: “Without this wonderful service, me and my children would never eat fresh fruit and veg. I am a single mum with no recourse to any public funds.”

Another commented: “Amazing, got food, fresh food, eggs and bread. I am skint, still waiting for benefits. It is a life saver and it makes you feel good.”

MPs say the government and supermarkets must do more to prevent food waste, which costs the average UK citizen around £200 per year.

A successful community fridge was recently set up in Brixton.

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