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Utiligroup extends disruptive innovation of future utilities

Utiligroup has launched its new strategy, Towards Energy2.0, introducing capabilities to further extend its disruptive innovation in enabling evolving customer benefit in a digitally connected world.

The associated capabilities introduce a profound shift towards a digitally powered energy economy for its fast growing base of industry leading customer challenger clients.

Energy2.0 is Utiligroup’s framework of change enablement for those creating agile, dynamic utilities to leverage digitisation, distributed communications and growing device and data sources to the benefit of customers over time. The energy environment is rapidly catching up with other sectors, with smart metering and its central Data Communications Company (DCC) infrastructure providing the inflection point of change to harness disruptive innovation, customer expectation shift and extensive market change in an accelerating cycle of continuous change.

  • The ‘Towards Energy2.0’ strategy introduces a comprehensive range of capabilities for collaborative delivery with clients, partners and new value providers.
  • A new method of incubating innovation across its own solutions, data sources, devices and services in an integrated, interoperable way through its new LivingLab.
  • A five-stage process of innovative value development through the LivingLab to identify and launch enduring operational services as part of a growing online services catalogue available on a Data as a Service.
  • Development of a uCollaborate eco-system of existing and new providers bringing value together securely at scale, for energy service providers to introduce new customer benefits consistently and rapidly through a collaborative approach.
  • A wide range of organisations collaborating to create shared value through the LivingLab across areas such as smart metering, microgeneration management, storage services, heating management, competitive water, demand flexibility reward, distributed local energy, dynamic trading all with the aim of empowering consumers.
  • The extension of Utiligroup’s communications infrastructure, in alliance with its clients, into a new UtiliCloud secure, private capability that provides a single interface for its clients to experience multiple types of value from Utiligroup and those providing value in the collaborative eco-system.
  • The integration of today’s proven solutions into Utiligroup’s Strategic Value Framework providing an integrated capability across market entry, competitive growth, financial optimisation, wholesale position management, smart metering service enablement, competitive transformation and Energy2.0 enablement.
  • Integration of Utiligroup’s uSmart DCC solution suite for smart metering through the Data Communications Company, as the enabler of a digital inflection point and delivering orchestration of the customer journey across existing and new industry systems.
  • Launch of the uAnalytics data analytics platform benefitting from external academic institutional relationships providing expert, insight into customer competitiveness, price sensitivity, churn analysis, profitability and proposition receptivity. This capability has already been deployed to enable optimisation of customer competitiveness, industry settlement and revenue assurance.  The Analytics platform is unique in operating across existing industry data, new smart metering data available through the DCC and expanding data sources incubated through the LivingLab.
  • A structured 6 for ‘16 roadmap of proactive value introduction, that delivers the key market changes necessary to compete in the future and to engage in, shape and deliver near to long term change requirements.
  • Deep engagement with clients, industry programmes, government catalysts, eco-system value providers and cross-sector innovation groups to create new methods of bringing the value of its client base to the changing sector.
  • Expansion of strategic engagement, thought leadership, market insight, capability and value sharing led by Strategy & Marketing Director, Mark Coyle and Chief Technical Officer, Andrew Green.
  • Expansion of the Utiligroup website to establish a new innovation resource hub for clients and partners with innovation placed as a core focus with integrated social media channels.
  • A continuous programme of staff recruitment and growth to further expand the depth of its expertise and advisory services.

CEO Matthew Hirst said: “Utiligroup is dedicated to enabling better and growing competition that brings real benefits to end consumers, with part of this focus including the creation of disruptive value for those providing the utility services. We delivered this first through our enablement of competitive entry and growth at scale and then through introducing community energy and empowering collective switching.

“In a rapidly changing world where everything and everyone is always connected, we are delighted to help drive this transformational shift to create a new world of energy services that inspires pioneering service providers to unlock the next waves of customer benefit.”

To date, Utiligroup has enabled more than 26 new entrant suppliers to break into the industry and manages two million customer registrations for suppliers. Clients include a host of well-known energy providers – both UK and overseas-based – including The Co-Operative Energy, Ovo Energy and Robin Hood Energy.

To learn more about Utiligroup and the Towards Energy2.0 strategy please contact Mark Coyle, Strategy & Marketing Director at [email protected]

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