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Customers urged to get a free smart energy display

UK consumers getting a smart meter installed are urged to “take up their right” to get a free energy display (pictured).

Under new rules that came into effect last week, energy firms fitting a smart meter in homes across the country must offer customers an in-home energy display at no upfront cost.

The display is a small screen that gives up-to-date information on how much gas and electricity is being used in a particular home in pounds and pence. It also gives information on how much energy has been used in the past, which helps consumers compare their usage over time.

Zoe McLeod, Head of Smart & Sustainable Energy Markets at Consumer Focus said: “We encourage customers to take up the offer of an energy display. While having a display doesn’t guarantee you bill savings, it can help identify what appliances are costing the most, where there is waste and how you can be more energy efficient.”

The BEAMA Consumer Energy Display Industry Group (CEDIG) claims energy displays have proven to be successful in helping consumers cut their energy usage. John Parson, Association Director said research has suggested that average annual electricity savings of almost 9% can be achieved with in-home displays.

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